Phase I and II ESA

Phase I and II ESA, Former Auto Wrecking Facility Property - Oregon

Saga personnel were retained by a property developer to complete an expedited Phase I ESA of an approximate 3.91-acre property desired to be acquired and redeveloped for urban residential purposes. During the course of the Phase I ESA, the site was determined to be the location of both a former automobile wrecking facility and historic rendering operation that had been conferred "No Further Action" designation by the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality and subject of a prior Prospective Purchaser Agreement. An extensive regulatory file review was conducted to further evaluate the site for potential areas of residual environmental contamination and focus Phase II ESA investigation. The Phase II ESA assessed both baseline soil and groundwater conditions while targeting areas of a removed car-crusher, gasoline tank, rendering pit, and former soil landfarm area. The Phase II ESA concurrently gathered sufficient analytical parameters to complete a risk-based evaluation of applicable pathway-receptor scenarios for a future urban resident. In addition, the evaluation assessed risk-based pathway receptor scenarios for future construction and excavation workers to facilitate site re-development.

Phase II Investigation and Risk Based Assessment, Fossil Fuel Spill Site - Oregon

Saga personnel were retained by an insurance company to evaluate a prior investigation assess the effectiveness of a groundwater extraction and treatment system, and make recommendations for expediting progress toward regulatory closure from a former gasoline tanker accident and spill adjacent to the John Day River. Saga personnel then conducted further site characterization, including interaction with the John Day river, and enhanced an already existing groundwater collection trench to recover contaminated groundwater and gasoline product through design and installation of a soil vapor extraction system to increase the rate of subsurface cleanup. Upon implementation of the enhanced remedial system, and assessment of potential risks to human health and ecological receptors in the adjacent river, Oregon Department of Environmental Quality conferred a "No Further Action" designation for the site.

Industrial Facility Closure Audits - Various U.S. Facilities

To expedite property transfer Saga continues to provide industrial clients with Phase I ESAs, remedial investigation, and remediation services for closed facilities. This work includes data collection for prospective buyers as well as Phase II site investigations, remediation, reporting, and closure.