Emergency Response

Transformer Release Emergency Response, The Dalles - Washington

Saga personnel were retained to support emergency cleanup and investigation of an estimated 2,500-gallon mineral oil release at a dam facility located on the Columbia River. Mineral oil was incidentally discharged to a gravel-covered area that migrated through fractured basalt, impacted shallow-groundwater, and threatened a nearby juvenile salmonid fishway and adjacent Columbia River. Saga personnel assisted the contractor and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers with installation of a monitoring well network in basalt using a combination of air-rotary and sonic drilling methods while targeting a brecciated-tuff interflow zone thought the be the most-likely route of mineral oil transport. Eight monitoring wells were installed concurrent to installation of a pressure-grout curtain designed to prevent mineral oil release from migrating to the Columbia River. Saga personnel provided additional assistance at incident command meetings. Saga personnel were subsequently retained to provide long-term groundwater elevation and quality monitoring and weekly status updates to the client in support of their U.S. EPA reporting.